Best Practices - Portal for regional Hunting and Phishing services


... Easy Hunting and Phishing licenses and much more

The web portal, named Agroservizi, is on-line since October 2013 and is linkable at URL address

It was implemented by IFM upon Regione Calabria request, in order to computerize the administrative process for releasing and renewing the following licenses:

• Hunting
• Mushrooms and truffles collecting
• Inland waters phishing
• Phytosanitary authorizations

The portal, in addition to allow public access to news and events about this specific area:

• Enables taxpayers to print MAV modules for license-related payments. Citizens will be soon able to pay due fees by credit card through the portal
• Enables the regional and municipal employees to make all recording activities following the release/renewal of licenses / authorizations, as well as to record, if applicable, the loss and return of personal cards

The operating flow can be summarized in the following scheme

The portal caused a deep impact on the taxes management in every aspect: in fact, it has involved widespread and diversified regional user groups and has significantly improved the operating habits of every involved actor.

In fact, the taxpayer can make on-line payments (by MAV and, shortly, by credit card), while the public administration gets a quick and detailed feedback about payments which is beneficiary of, so achieving a decrease of dispute proceedings and an accurate income check.

Other noticeable benefits can be identified in the establishment of a taxpayers centralized registry and in the detailed reporting about released cards and licenses.