Best Practices - PERSEO

... The Information System for Performance Cycle Management 


The solution, implemented for Regione Calabria, satisfies all requirements about Performance measuring, evaluation and transparency. The software is fully compliant with both local and national regulatory system.

In addition, it represents a technical and organizational support to internal structures of PA entities involved with all phases of performance cycle.

It supports Administration’s decision process, ensuring continuity to the monitoring of targets progress level, allowing to timely verify the differences between planned and reached results, the delays and difficulties in getting them and to undertake the suitable remedial actions.

Among most effective characteristics of the solution, are to be noticed:

• Areas and guidelines of Administration’s government Program

• Performance Plan: the plan includes strategic and operational targets and the indicators for measuring, evaluating and reporting organization’s and individual performance

• Objectives: definition and management of strategic and operational objectives related to Performance Plan, area and strategic line

• Individual Performance: assignment the evaluation form to each subject and management of next evaluation phase, according to the Performance Measurement and Evaluation System adopted by the Administration. The form is referred to the following evaluation’s factors:

• Organizational performance component

Individually assigned targets component

• Expertise and professional behaviour component

Capability to distinct evaluations component

Administration performance component.

• Technical and methodological verification of objectives: management of the dialogue between involved Departments, by applying verification check-list

•  Reporting system: production of synthetic and detailed reports about all phases of Performance Management Cycle.


Since 2014 Perseo software is used by all departments of Regione Calabria for the Performance Cycle management, in full compliance with Performance Measurement and Evaluation System adopted by the Administration.

In addition, Perseo development and adoption were contextual to the 2014 regional Project for activation, experimentation and consolidation of necessary facilities for completion of institutional tasks about Performance Management Cycle.

The Perseo startup phase was preceded by training classes for regional employees, focused to both the new methodology and the software operational aspects.

The Perseo adoption allowed the transition from previous centralized objectives loading by central controllers to distributed loading by departmental controllers and to automated management of verification and monitoring phases.

The communication by e-mail, reports production and Perseo document management system made homogeneous internal communication, so avoiding information loss and redundancy, related to the use of heterogeneous and uncoordinated tools.

Special relevance has the computerization of individual performance that enabled the direct production of assignment and evaluation sheets, deriving automatically the evaluation’s component related to organizational performance.