Best Practices - SIURP


.. The regional information system for Programming, Monitoring and Reporting of public investments


SIURP was definitively adopted in 2012 and today is used by all Regional Departments responsible for implementation of Europe funded Operational Programs (2000-2006 and 2007-2013 cycles), as well as by external Bodies (Provinces, Communes, professional training Centers, etc. ) figuring as actuators of started projects.

SIURP support was crucial for ensuring Regione Calabria the achievement of planned spending targets and the positive evaluation of European Commission about the Management and Control Systems adopted by the Administration.

The SIURP system will be used also to manage the new approved programme POR 2014-2020.

SIURP in summary

• Managed Programmes:

• POR FSE 2007-2013

• POR FESR 2007-2013

• PAC (third phase​)


• POR Calabria 2000-2006

• More than 1.100 total users including both inside and outside the Administration.
FESR-FSE 2007-2013: Financial progress for more than 2.100 M€ with certified expense of more than 2.000 M€
• About 100.000 projects