Best Practices - Portal of Regional Taxes


... A portal for friendly tax services

The Regional Taxes thematic portal is on-line since May 2011 and is linkable at URL address

It was implemented by IFM upon Regione Calabria request, in order to give effective answers to needs of both taxpayers and business operators. In addition to supply information related to regional taxes, it represents a valuable operational guide about acts adopted by Administration concerning the different types of taxes, giving clarifications on How much, When and How to pay.

The portal is made of public pages, available to everyone, and of reserved pages accessible only by registered users. The public pages supply detailed information about regional offices and taxes, while reserved pages enable viewing its own data as they are in regional taxes data base, as well as starting a direct dialogue with regional administration.

Each regional tax is associated to a specific section, characterized by a main page, that describes the tax nature, and by three detail pages which enable the access to the information about how much, how and when to pay due amounts.

The portal use model is summarized in the following scheme:

So far were started services with required registration related to Car Taxes; they allow the taxpayer to access the regional data base to know its own record referred to:

• Personal data
• Owned vehicles
• Car Taxes exemption, if any (active and historical)
• Assessment notices, if any, adopted to contest lacking payments

After self-registration, the taxpayer can also request receiving a deadline reminder mail about Car Tax, as well as he can send warning about wrong data, asking correction, so avoiding lines at regional offices.

In addition, the portal allows to make on-line payment, by credit card, of car tax and of assessment notices: due amount is automatically calculated, are checked and warned double payments, then the transaction is redirected to treasury bank website where user can enter credit card details. The payment will be directly recorded on car tax regional system without further steps, Following scheme summarizes events flow:


Other services are going to start short term, related to:

• ARISGAN (regional additional tax about natural gas consumption)
• TSDD (special tax for landfilling solid waste)
• TCR (regional license taxes)

Along all these years, is to be noticed the great interest of citizens for the portal and a clear advantage for the Regional Administration:

• User side:

• Free views of its own data, updated in real time from Administration’s data base
• Straight on-line due fees payment
• Direct dialogue with the Administration to ask data updating

• Administration side:

• Direct collection of taxes paid by citizens
• Collaborative approach with citizens for data cleaning, resulting in reduction of conflicts and costs
• The public Entity image turns from vexatious to collaborative.