IFM Services

IFM offers a broad set of services, that range from strictly technical activities, such as software development and all related services (installation, training, startup and maintenance) to consultancy ones, which support and drive customer in choosing the best technical and management solutions. The extent and complexity of domains IFM supplies its services about result in acquisition of broad and deep competencies in various areas of Public Administration. These skills, widespread within company, became a valuable asset, constantly increasing over time, thanks to continuous upgrade ad deepening about topics that IFM services daily deal with.

Likewise, IFM combines domain competencies with technical skills, improved by frequent internal training activities. This approach allows the company to accept and, when possible, anticipate the challenges which are to be daily faced to propose solutions ever more lined-up to leading technologies and to management and financial needs of customers.

Domain Competences         Technical Skills

Software development


Since early years, software development was a strength element for IFM. A customer tailored software, which comes from the awareness that even the best packaged software can’t catch the specificity of a complex organization. IFM has developed over time software solutions for various domains of Public Administration and with different entrusting:
• development of software solutions targeted to the market, aimed to full computerization of a specific application area
• development of software solutions ad hoc on behalf of customers needing high-level customization software
• functional and technological evolution of software products needing significant reviews, due to regulatory, organizational and technical obsolescence requirements.

Software Development service is regulated within internal Integrated Managemet System (Quality and Information Security) by strict procedures which ensure the compliance with quality criteria as ruled by ISO 9001 standard. Specifically, the software development process must follow a precise methodology for analysis and design, diversified by structured and object oriented applications. As of implementation stage, IFM adopts high performing tools, lined-up to most effective and widespread software development technologies. Through a deep internal training policy, IFM reached the goal to count on interchangeable human resources, in order to cut overhead related to high fragmented competencies and, at the same time, ensure a more efficient service to customers.  

Information Systems Supply


The service target is the supply of ready to start solutions, including hardware, middleware and application software and the provision of services related to operational startup, for the implementation or evolution of information systems for Public Administration.
In detail, the supply includes:
hardware and basic software: all technical devices and environmental software needed for system activation
application software: enterprise modules to automate customer's specific services
training and startup: customer direct support services, which represent the most critical issue of supply, because IFM assumes these activities completed only when end users are operationally autonomous
additional services: initial data loading, network cabling, old archives migration and other services, essential for project completion

Maintenance and Assistance


The service provides activities for maintenance and  customer assistance on application software. It is oriented to the following targets:
• fix of detected malfunctions on software installed at customer site
• release of new software versions and of related documentation in order to align product to law changes or software itself evolution
• solving problems related to the use of application software or operating system, or execution of small implementation activities for application software customization
• providing operational support during software intensive use periods of the year or during execution of other software related activities
• training customer's human resources against new requirements about software utilization
• installation and startup of new product versions.

Support and consultancy


The service provides activities, whose specification is customer committed, according to its needs, during contractual relationship. Among these activities, i.a., are to be included:
• assistance in using iIT products and in data processing
• conduction of special studies
• analysis, design and implementation of information systems
• ICT consultancy
• Consultancy on specific application’s domain
• Consultancy about implementation of basic and appropriate information security measures

The activities, depending on specific engagement, can be executed either at customer's site or by remote network connection from IFM's site.